1. Sustainable Buildings

We minimise the environmental impact of our buildings and contribute to limiting the global temperature increase to 1.5°C by setting emission reduction and energy intensity targets in line with the Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor (CRREM) tool. In doing so, we work with all the players in our value chain to generate synergies towards a common goal.

2. Aware Consumers

Our strategy is to provide our customers with a sustainable and unique premium shopping experience. This means that we improve the social and environmental impacts of the experience at different levels: recycling, reduction and phasing out of single-use plastics, and sustainability of the products sold, working with our partner brands and our communities to promote responsible consumption, reuse, and recycling.

3. Resilient Communities

We take our responsibility towards our community - employees, suppliers, shop owners, customers and local communities - by setting ambitious standards to safeguard their health, safety and well-being and promote accessibility in all our centers. We also strive to create a working and shopping environment that is inclusive and embraces diversity.

4. Stakeholders Involved

This pillar is the basis of our strategy because of the importance of the active role that all parts of the value chain have in defining our sustainability strategy. We continually work on implementing and sharing reports, training and raising awareness to increase understanding of our aims and actions and encourage effective participation by all.

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