Memories of the sea (national theme and artist)

"Memórias do Mar" (Memories of the Sea) is a contemporary artwork by artist Cristina Rodrigues curated by the State of the Art that pays tribute to the municipality of Vila do Conde and its maritime activities, consisting of three art installations "Estaleiro" (Shipyard), "Sob o Mar" (Under the Sea) and "Medusas" (Jellyfish), created with satin ribbons and LED lights.

Window Gallery “Local is Beautiful”

Cycle of sustainability-and-circular-economy geared exhibitions, curated by State of the Art , displaying works of art or design authored by various Portuguese artists, or artist residing in Portugal, whose work is characterised by the use of sustainable Portuguese materials with a general and constant concern for nature and the environment.

João Bruno Videira: 12 October-15 November

Maria Pratas: 16 November-20 December

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